Babe N Readyz

Posted on January 6, 2015 at 5:49 pm by hnrz No Comment

So new year, and we got some updates, new and relatively new…

We got snagged moped mom, moped milf, moped harlot, motion who, clownshoes, crowder chowder, bimbo, hey blondie, booty clapper, phalic whisperer, and make us proud kelly, the lovely Kelly Crowder aka Pizza Box and Pizza Milf. She kept begging and begging and finally we were like fine show us your boobs.

Kelly has become a close part of our family for awhile now, it was just time to officially induct her into the pizza clan. Kelly truly stands behind the 6Ps! (Pizza, Pooping, Partying, Pussy, Peds, and Phil Collins) and can be found at a rally near you in overalls with slices stuffed in the front pocket, and i mean her back pockets too.

Next up, the lovely Sherny McShern Shern, Magic Bones, Moon, Mooney, Sharon Tudix, Green Thumb, Bushy, applicator pusher, no-scent having, The miss Sharon Moon. She was always a slice of the pie in spirit from the beginning, whether you knew it or not, now this time you do. Her soul still in Hell’s Satans, but we have her appetite for pizza. She has magic in her bones.

and next up we got no nickname having Kenden Christenson. Moving to Chicago to work in HNR’s own William Hautenredi’s shop MOPED, working along side Mike Biery. He has shown he isn’t going anywhere and will be a great addition to the club.

Welcome to the family!!!!!

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